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Why The Disney Princesses with Realistic Waistlines Movement is Nonsense

Photo credit: BuzzFeed
There have been several articles circulating on the internet criticizing the bodies of Disney Princesses. The first one popped up in October 2014 on BuzzFeed and there have been many more ever since. Many people claim that the princesses weight is not realistic and projects a bad image to young girls around the world thus leading to low self esteem and eating disorders. The articles are all accompanied by photo shopped images straight from  Walt Disney films featuring "Realistic Waistlines".

So let me get this straight; in cartoons featuring mermaids, magic spells, talking animals, poison apples and fairy god mothers, you are complaining about realism and are targeting the princesses weight? Seriously?

Photo credit: BuzzFeed
Let's start with the fact that these animated films are, well, animated films. They are cartoons. Secondly these cartoons are based on fairy tales. If you are looking for realism you are searching in the wrong place. I don't think going to a Royal Ball in a giant magic pumpkin is mirroring real life here. When I watched these movies as a child I never noticed Belle or Ariel's waistline. I was enjoying the story, the characters and the music. If some people are blaming Princess Jasmine for their low self esteem, you completely missed the moral messages of these stories (and probably need to seek some professional counseling). Projecting your personal and political views on a cartoon just isn't healthy.  My third and last point that I want to make is, how dare someone say that thin people (or cartoons in this matter) are NOT realistic. People come in all shapes and sizes. A plus size person isn't more realistic than a skinny person. A skinny person isn't more realistic than a plus size person. We are all real people and we all look different. And that's okay!

My final thought is stop blaming cartoons based on fairy tales for your body issues. If you are truly unhappy with your body, there's a deeper reason why and you need to get to the root of the problem in order to fix it, heal and move on.

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