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The Lois Lane Effect

Since her debut in Action Comics #1 Lois Lane has inspired a string of feisty female journalists who are often the supporting character to the leading male super hero. The award winning reporter from Metropolis has become a pop culture icon since her debut in June 1938. The sometimes damsel in distress is also an independent modern woman with her own award winning career and has proven that you don't need super powers to fight for truth, justice and the American Way. This very mortal woman is also an important part of Superman's/Clark Kent's support system. He viewed her as an equal and she won his heart and hand in marriage. Despite the New 52 Universe wiping it away, the Superman/Lois Lane star-crossed love story remains the first great romance in comic book history and is legendary. Whether it's the damsel in distress or the love interest, it's clear many super heroes need their own fabulous version of Lois Lane.

 Iris West: Iris West made her debut in Showcase #4 published by DC Comics and released in 1956. She is a reporter for Pictures News in Central City and eventually marries Barry Allen, aka The Flash. On the popular CW show 'The Flash', Iris works at a cafe and is the author of a Blog which chronicles sightings and information on the super hero. She is portrayed by actress Candice Patton.

April O'Neil: The feisty television reporter made her debut  in 1984 not as a T.V. journalist but as a computer programmer. Her occupation was changed in the classic animated series. April is a friend of the turtles who uses her connections to assist them in their missions. While not romantically linked to any of the turtles, she is often in a relationship with vigilante hero Casey Jones. April was recently portrayed on the big screen by Megan Fox.

Vicki Vale: Vicki Vale first appeared in Batman #49 released in 1948. She was a reporter for the Gotham Gazette. In the 1989 Batman film she is played by actress Kim Basinger  with the slightly different position as a photojournalist. Ms. Vale is also the sometimes girlfriend of Bruce Wayne however their relationship simply never seems to work out. Fun fact: Ms. Vale was modeled after Norma Jeane Mortenson, an upcoming model who would later be world famous as Marilyn Monroe.

Betty Brant: Betty made her comic book debut in 1963 in The Amazing Spider-Man #4. The secretary for the Daily Bugle often had journalistic aspirations and was romantically linked to Peter Parker.  In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Betty was murdered by Venom after obtaining footage of the new Spider-Man and trying to expose his identity. Betty was played by actress Elizabeth Banks in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy.

Chloe Sullivan: Since her debut on the pilot episode of Smallville, which aired on the WB in September 2001 (and was moved to the CW), fans speculated that the blonde from Kansas was so much like Lois, she would eventually color her hair dark and change her name to Lois Lane. Theories were put to rest when Lois joined the show in season 4 and turned out to be her cousin. The character of Chloe Sullivan was specially created for the Smallville show. She began appearing in comics set in the Smallville Universe beginning in 2002. Chloe eventually marries and has a son with Green Arrow. She was portrayed by actress Allison Mack.  

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